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The Caldwell County Democratic Party believes that change begins at home. We are committed to fighting for civil rights, healthcare, education, the environment and more. Help us build a more inclusive Democratic county, state and nation.

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State Board of Education Report/Best and Worst Texas/

Report from SBOE By Rebecca Bell-Metereau The November State Board of Education meeting was a pleasant surprise. The board voted unanimously to make the following recommendation to the 88th Texas Legislature: “Grant SBOE veto authority over charter expansions.” The board also voted to recommend that the legislature pass legislation requiring that “Charter schools in the State of Texas would follow the same rules as ISDs." One of the most surprising recommendations states: “The Texas State Board of Education calls on the Texas Legislature to reject all attempts to divert public dollars away from public schools in the form of vouchers, an education savings account, taxpayer savings grants, tuition-tax credits, a business franchise tax credit or an insurance premium tax credit, or any other mechanisms that have the effect of reducing funding to public schools.” This will at least protect the meager funding Texas schools currently receive. Another important motion carried unanimously asking the 88th Texas Legislature to “provide SBOE member benefits and staff support.” This would help the unpaid board members of SBOE to serve more effectively.

Time to get ready for 2024. Get involved. Become a precinct chair!

The Red Tsunami predicted across the country didn't happen, but Texas is still firmly Red. We have a start in Caldwell County. As county chair Alfredo Muñoz said, "Let's not lose our momentum. The race is to turn Caldwell Blue and we'll need everyone one. " A big Thank You to all who helped: registering voters, block walking, working the polls, phone banking, manning the HQ, writing postcards, putting up signs, donating money and more. We'll need even more help in 2024. We need Precinct Chairs! Many of our precincts in Caldwell County do not have chairs.