Caldwell County Democratic Party meeting. We need your input! Precinct Chairs needed

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Church Street
San Antonio Street

Caldwell County Democrats and the County Executive Committee will meet.

We are going back to meeting on the first Monday of the month.

First Lockhart National Bank Community Room at the corner of Church and San Antonio Streets.

FYI: Democrats of Caldwell County TX PAC is no more.It will now be solely under the Caldwell County Democratic Party umbrella.

We are still working on bylaws for the reorganization. This umbrella of the county party will have many different ways in which you can participate and volunteer time. Please join us to give input on how you would like to see us move forward.

We need Precinct chairsI

We need Precinct Chairs!

Many of our precincts in Caldwell County do not have chairs.

The Precinct Chair is a publicly elected party official, elected by the Democratic voters in a precinct each primary (March of even-numbered years) to a two-year term. Precinct Chairs must be registered to vote in their precincts, cannot have voted in the last Republican primary, must have voted in the Democratic primary, cannot endorse another party candidate in a race where a Democrat is on the ballot, must be at least 18 years of age, and otherwise eligible to hold elective office in the state of Texas.

Precinct Chairs organize their voting precincts to deliver the Party message to the individual voter, and help carry out the Party mission to get Democratic voters to the polls to vote for Democrats.

Contact County Chair-Alfredo Munoz if you'd like to be a precinct chair

Caldwell County Democratic Party

P.O. BOX 110, Lockhart, Tx. 78644